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Since 1997, Help Desk Services has been providing the very best in help desk

  support. Graham Sterling, the founder, started the company from his two-  

bedroom condo in San Diego's Mission Valley area by providing live call-in

  support for one interactive training CD produced by a small company. The  
  original contract was for six months. Because of the tremendous amount of  
  positive feedback the company who had hired Graham was receiving for its  
  support, the six-month contract became annual agreements and the number  

of supported programs grew from one to over twenty. As the number of

Graham Sterling
supported programs grew, it became quite clear
additional support staff was needed. Knowing that
the company's success had been due to a friendly
and patient presentation with all the callers, along
with a high level of follow through, only people
possessing the exact same traits were hired.

Using this model as a template, the company began
to successfully replicate this experience. What had
started out as a one man, one program operation
has now grown into a company with satellite
support sites across the nation and internationally,
providing support services for well over forty  
thousand users. Clients range in size from the small  
Mom & Pop operations to Fortune 500 companies.  

Despite all the growth and success, the philosophy remains the same today,
as it was back in 1997, "create the best possible image of the client by
providing a friendly and positive experience for every person needing
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